Five Reasons Why You Should Drink Water from Sparkling Water Tap

Have you ever tried sparkling water before? If not, then you are missing several essential benefits that sparkling water offers to your body. Fortunately, there are now various types of sparkling water taps that are available at affordable prices depending on your needs.

Sparkling water taps have made it easy to find carbonated water unlike in the past where people relied on factories to produce sparkling water and distribute them in bottles across the local stores.

Drinking sparkling water from the sparkling water tap has the following health benefits:

Benefits of drinking mineral water

  • Alleviate morning sickness

It is common for pregnant women to experience morning sickness during the first trimester that makes them uncomfortable and sick. They often feel nausea and have trouble getting something in their stomach due to high acid levels. The best remedy for relieving morning sickness is drinking sparkling water. It eases nausea during pregnancy by reducing acidity in the stomach. Most pregnant women have greatly benefited from this tip.

  • Contains blood sugar

At some point in time, you may feel the urge to consume something cold like regular soft drinks, alcohol, or coffee. These drinks contain high levels of sugar and calories that can raise your blood sugar. On the other hand, sparkling water only contains carbon IV oxide gas and water together with important bicarbonate elements that are responsible for managing blood sugar. Thus, it is advisable to drink sparkling water whenever you feel like getting a soft drink or any other beverage.

  • Weight loss

Most people are on the path of wanting to lose weight to become more flexible and agile.  Although most of them enroll for body fitness exercises, they forget that there is even a far better remedy that can do the trick with the slightest of effort. Regular drinking of sparkling water helps to suppress your urge to eat, unlike freshwater. Sparkling water releases carbon dioxide gas in the stomach that makes one full and make them less food thus a great aid in losing weight.

  • Improves your taste glands

When you visit large restaurants, you will first be served sparkling water before the main course is brought, because sparkling water stimulates your taste buds and makes them more sensitive. This way, you will get the real taste of food and even enjoy your meal better. Hence, you should always ask for sparkling water first to clear your taste buds before you can act upon your meal.

  • Reduces body dehydration

It is easier to drink plenty of sparkling water because it is tasty, unlike tasteless water. Thus, drinking plenty of mineral water reduces body dehydration and boosts in turn boosts your skin condition. This is important especially if you happen to be in an arid or semi-arid location.

Side effects of drinking sparkling water

There are a few side effects of drinking sparkling water. Here are some of them:

Bowel upsets – some people experience bowel upsets after drinking sparkling water because of the carbon IV oxide gas that is released in the stomach. This is not a serious issue of concern to worry about and it usually ceases in a short while.

Blotting – also occurs as a result of the accumulation of carbon IV oxide gas in the stomach and it is also not a cause of concern. However, if these effects are prolonged, you may need to visit your physician.

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