Residential landscaping principles and procedure

Residential landscaping is the practice and art of improving the aesthetic appeal and appearance of the outdoor spaces in your residential areas. Each person has a specific type of residential landscaping that reflects their lifestyles, tastes, and preferences. The kind of residential landscaping you select will always give your visitors the first impression of your home and the people living in it. This means that it should be impressive so that everyone visiting your home can have the right impression of you. Landscape architect sydney helps your land be functional in that it offers pleasure to your loved ones, adds value to your home, and improves the neighbourhood. Whenever you are planning to have residential landscaping, there are two things that you should remember, and they include the principles and steps to guide you through residential landscaping. 

Principles of residential landscaping

When you practice residential landscaping the right way, your outdoor spaces will be attractive during the year despite the seasons. However, you have to incorporate some residential landscaping principles so that you can give your residential landscaping unity, balance, and interest during all four seasons in any year. 

  • Unity 

This is the perception that all residential landscaping components work in harmony together. You can achieve residential landscaping unity by choosing plants and flowers complementing each other, grouping, and placing them effectively. You can also have several similar elements in your design. 

  • Balance

This is the perception that everything in your residential landscaping is equal. This means that when you are landscaping your residential spaces, you must do everything equally. For instance, if you choose to plant flowers and plants on one side, you should do the same on the other side.

  • Interest 

This is what creates visual appeal. When you are residential landscaping, you should make the centre of attraction the entrance of your property. Therefore, to enhance interest, you need to select beautiful plants and flowers or use attractive effects to make the entrance the area everyone is interested in. 

Residential landscaping procedures 

Anytime residential landscaping comes to your mind, remember that there is a procedure that you have to follow to make everything orderly. These procedures include:


This is a crucial part of residential landscaping and should never be skipped. It affects the success of your residential landscaping, and that is why you need to take some time and plan to guide you through the residential landscaping process. 

Rough grades 

This step establishes rough grades for drainage, planting, hardscape, and overall residential landscaping flow. This is when you install sleeves or chases on your landscape. 


For perfect residential landscaping, drainage is required to keep water away from under or away from your property. 

Rough irrigation

This makes planting easier. You should select the best irrigation method to make your landscape ready before you get ready for planting. 


This step involves constructing using any material that you want to use in your landscape. They include brick, stone pavers, concrete, walkways, decomposed granite, sitting walls, decks, boulders, water features, and flagstone. 

Finish grade 

It includes preparing your residential landscape beds, paths, and lawns. 


Plants give your landscape life. Once your rough irrigation is ready, you can plant the plants you have chosen.

Finish irrigation

This is done when one finishes planting their plants and flowers. One decides on the best irrigation method depending on what they have planted. 


Mulch is meant to add beauty to your landscape, add nutrients to the plants, control weeds, and prevent the loss of water when it’s very sunny. This is the last step when it comes to residential landscaping. 



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