Tips to Clean Your Motorised Blinds

Motorised blinds in Sydney can get dusty and dirty like any other window blind and need to be cleaned. However, blinds shouldn’t be affected by poor cleaning habits. These are some tips to help you clean your blinds. Remember to contact your window treatment company if you have any questions.

The tips below will help you clean your motorised blinds:

1. Use the Brush Attachment

You will need your vacuum cleaner to clean fabric shades or blinds, especially if they are made of fabric. However, this doesn’t mean you have to carry the vacuum around all day. Instead, you can use a brush attachment to your vacuum to reach those hard-to-reach places close by the ceiling and remove dirt and dust from the fabric.

2. Use lamb’s wool

Dusting your blinds regularly is a great way to keep them clean. Use a special duster that is not made for dusting blinds. Buy a lamb’s wool duster and use it to sweep across Venetian blinds. You can then catch any dust that falls.

3. Use a rubber sponge

A rubber sponge is also known as a dry sponge. This product is usually available at your local hardware shop. This tool is highly effective in removing dirt and dust from vinyl blinds and fabric. You don’t need to soak the sponge in soap. Instead, wipe the rubber sponge over your shades and blinds.

4. Never Soak

You won’t soak them or spray cleaners directly onto them, no matter what type of window treatment you have. You can use a damp towel to do a spot treatment or wet wooden blinds to make it easier to dust. You should never apply water to your blinds.

5. If in doubt, call the professionals

Call your local dry cleaner if your blinds are filthy or if you have any questions about how to remove stains.

Various Types of Motors

When you install motorised blinds at your home, there are many motor options.

  • Battery-Powered

Battery-powered blinds are one of the most accessible and most aesthetically-pleasing options. The window treatment is attached at the top to a tube with a motor and battery pack to power the shades or blinds.

For windows without an outlet, battery-powered shades can be a good option. However, battery replacement is the biggest problem with battery-powered blinds or shades. You’ll last longer between battery replacements if you use lithium batteries instead of regular alkaline AAAs.

  • Hardwired

Hardwired shades and blinds use less energy than battery-powered ones but must be installed near an outlet. An electrician can install most types of hardwired motorized shades and blinds. However, you won’t have to maintain them once they are installed.

  • DC Power Adapter

You can use electricity to power your blinds, but you don’t have the option of hardwired blinds. A unit with a DC power adapter is an option. A DC power adapter is used to plug in window treatments. The wire connects to the motor and tilt mechanism. The biggest problem with DC adapter blinds is hiding the wire.

  • Solar-Powered

Solar-powered motorised blinds in Sydney help you upgrade to motorized window coverings in an environmentally friendly way. A small solar panel will connect to the motor at either the top or bottom of the shade. This converts sunlight into energy for the motor.

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